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Terms of Encrustment

Today was an insane day. I'm hosting a display at a major disabilities meeting tomorrow for the Democratic Party--just at the point where it seems that all the campaigns are switching logos. So--I was scrambling for fun stuff, like stickers. I've spent the major part of the past two days hunting down simple lapel stickers. Oddly, I ended up with a glut of tee shirts for various campaigns. Go figure.

With that behind me, I was hoping to give bauhausfrau  a belated birthday present--but no luck. I left it at work--and the terms of my status as a headhunted contractor means I can't go in the building after 7 pm Fridays (an advantage in my mind) meant no legal way of getting it at this point. So, it will wait to next week. I was totally nackered. I called her, gave my regrets and took a long nap.

When waking, the urge to make progress sustained. I have so little time to finish this dress! So, while more embellishments are still on their way from India, I decided to make as much progress as I could with what I have already received. I'm really happy with results so far...

Just a little background...I am basing my efforts from Reconstructing History's pattern 707. My first effort was getting the bodice to fit--an effort made complicated by my recent gain in weight and my DH's general bewilderment over general principles of fit. Over the past few days, I've made the bodice layer (which incorporates a kind of corset) and cut/sewn an outside layer.

Tonight I devoted my attentions to the most enjoyable part of construction: embellishment.

Ironically, I must admit that I've spent more for this than any other part of the project--and didn't do so until I got a job that gave me an accessible income. Fabric for this gown cost $40--I was lucky enough to get 8 yards of rayon/synthetic something or other (I burn tested it and rayon came clear, but whatever else was there was only notable as slight and vaguely melty).  On the other hand, I spent about $80 on trims--but only after landing the "job." Spending more on trims seems to make this really seem like the kind of dress a King's mistress would wear. The combination of spangles and baby pearls make it appear just right--although getting the right effect took a significant degree of layering. are the piccies. Enjoy some embellishment porn below the cut. Apologies to folk on both the Chas II  & Dress Diariies lists and my friends list. I just couldn't stop from treble posting. The look of layering is just so darn decadent.

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I hope I finish this in time for Costume College!

Now for a little costumy porn!

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Lady Byron by Lely

Huntington Shoot,, Any Takers?

Hi all! I am assuming at this point that the trip to the Huntington for a photo shoot is off. I just don't have enough solid "yes" replies to book the event.  I also know that many of you have said that you may not finish your gowns for costume college and will wait for out big event next year.

On a selfish note, that works for me because I won't be the size of a house anymore and will be able to make a proper gown!

Anyhoo, if I hear "yes" from a minimum of 15 people by Friday morning (PST), then I will proceed with booking the shoot to take place on the Thursday afternoon before college. 15 is the minimum number to get the group rate, and would cost us $31 each. Otherwise, I will be thanking them for their time.

At this point, a "yes" answer is a commitment to pay the session fee, even if for some reason you are unable to attend. 

We can still go as a small group without the benefits of an "official" shoot, or we could do the same next year.

EDT: Eeek!!! $31 each, not 431. Sorry.
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Just Curious...

Since life seems to have gotten in the way for a few people, I was wondering how many people were still planning on wearing their mistress dresses to Costume College.

Barring tragedy, I'll have mine. If the Friday night thing falls through though, I think I'll wear it Friday during the day. It's too much work to wear for such a short period--unless it's a group thing, that would be fine then!
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Silver tissue skirt - the pictures!

Everything's cool, here are the pics! Click to enlarge, as always.

(c) Bath and NE Somerset Council

(c) Bath and NE Somerset Council

(c) Bath and NE Somerset Council

These were taken by Elaine at the museum, so many thanks to her but I take no responsibility! The size you see when you click is as big as they go, that's how the email came to me. I hope they answer your questions!

(no subject)

Let this be the official announcement: due to oak leaves, I'd like to gracefully bow out of the Charles II project. You all have my continued admiration and support, however! I did get an email from Bath saying that another lady was coming to see the silver tissue dress, and my contact would try to take some photos of the skirt - I'll chase that up today.

The Gala Conundrum

demode and I were talking about our work load this summer, leading up to Costume College, and we both agreed that our time is pretty limited. Ergo, we have only enough time to make ONE fabulous outfit for CoCo this year, and that fabulous outfit is going to be for the Gala. Which lead us both to agree that the one fabulous outfit we wanted to wear for the Gala was our respective Chas. II gowns, and therefore we would rather save that gown for the Gala and wear something else for the Friday night meet-up.

I know that some of you are planning other gowns for the Gala, and that's totally fine. It's not something we were anticipating being a group thing for the Gala; the idea has always been to have a separate event at a later date where it would be All Chas. II All the Time, with everyone in character, having a period feast, etc. The Costume College thing morphed into a much bigger deal that *I* certainly expected... But that's not to say that those who want to wear your gowns on Friday night instead of at the Gala shouldn't do so. It's all about doing what you want, and I know for myself, my limited amount of time means I want to push all of my focus on my gown for the Gala.

That said, we are still interested in the Huntington thing. :)
SCA arms

Many regrets

I am regretfully withdrawing from the tableau scheduled for Costume College. I have too many other things on my plate right now.

Forgive me. I am releasing my "character"-- Françoise d'Aubigne. She's a lovely lady whom I hope someone else can do justice.

So I Haven't Been Paying Attention...

...or else I would surely know exactly what day we're breaking out our lovely gowns during Costume College.  I read back through the earlier entries, and did see that we should be wearing them Friday evening.  What about our outting to Huntington?  When is that going to happen?  Was it the Tuesday after Costume College?

I'm asking because my Costume College Registration packet has arrived, and I'm trying to decide what tours to go on (like everyone else I'm sure).  Two of them are Monday tours, so I want to be careful not to wind up on a Monday tour if we're going to Huntington on Monday.

Sorry...I've just been a bit zoned out lately.
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The complete slideshow

The slideshow of the silver tissue dress is here.

The album is here. Photos are as big as Photobucket would take; I can email really huge ones on request.

The bad news is that I only got to see the bodice; excuses were made about the skirt. I was seeing the Edwardian dress I'm also working on too and I was told that they didn't think I'd have time to look at two whole dresses. Wtf, right. (Symington's complained that this can be a problem with Bath. They only give you two hours and restrict how much they'll let you see.) Also, it was said that it's a pain to get the skirt out of the box. (So is driving 3 hours each way. *grumble*)

A later comment made more sense though. I think honestly that it boiled down to a care issue. Since the re-branding of the Fashion Museum this dress has finally come off display, meaning that everyone has wanted to see it and it's been in and out of the box like a yoyo, obviously risking damage. I think they're just reluctant to keep having people handle it so much.

However, I did protest that it was only the waistband I was desperate to see, as per Kendra's question about binding the pleats - enough to guilt-trip the lady at the museum into saying she could have a look into the box next time she's in the archives and see if she could put us out of our misery without having to get it out. She said she might even take some snaps. I've reminded her by email since I got back and I hope she'll keep her word.

Meanwhile, in The Cut of Women's Clothes there's a drawing of a "waist belt" on the pattern, and there's no sign of such a thing on the bodice. So could that be the waistband that the skirt cartridge pleats are attached to?

In the meantime, enjoy!